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Custom T-shirt Quilts

Your collection of t-shirts holds so many special memories. They might be from places your child has visited, teams your teenager has played on, t-shirts from summer camp, or from college days. Maybe they are t-shirts from your favorite sports team, a hobby, or souvenir t-shirts from family vacations. Wherever they came from, they are all associated with special memories. Allow me to transform your cherished t-shirts into a one of a kind quilt that will keep your memories alive and your loved ones warm for many years to come!

Each quilt is custom designed and carefully handmade with the finest quality materials and workmanship. A truly unique gift for graduation, birthday, wedding, anniversary, holiday, or any special occasion.

How a Quality T-shirt Quilt is Made

The first step in making a t-shirt quilt is to choose an appropriate high quality cotton quilting fabric for the sashing, borders, and backing. You can either select from my collection, or visit your local quilt shop and purchase your own fabric after we discuss what works best and how much you need to buy.

The t-shirts and fabric are then washed and dried, to preshrink everything and prevent the colors from running in the future. The t-shirts are arranged in the order they will be in the quilt and dimensions are finalized. The excess t-shirt fabric is removed, and stabilizing material is ironed onto the backs of the logos. Then they are cut into squares that are 13"-15" on each side for a typical layout. If some logos are larger or very small, a custom layout may be necessary.

The quilting fabric is then precisely cut into all the necessary pieces. Then the t-shirt squares and fabric pieces are carefully sewn together to make the quilt top. It is loaded onto a longarm quilting machine which layers it with batting and a backing. A coordinating design is selected and the layers are carefully quilted together from edge to edge over the entire surface of the quilt top. A binding is prepared from fabric, machine sewn around the edge and then turned to the back and hand stitched into place. A custom label is created and sewn to the back.



  The shirt backs and sleeves are removed.



 Stabilizer is carefully ironed on to the back of the t-shirts.

Pellon 911FF Fusible Featherweight works very well.



 The template is placed on the t-shirt and the placement of the design is determined.


 The block is cut.



Blocks are cut and ready to be sewn together with sashing between each one.



The quilt top is sewn and ready to be quilted.



The layers are quilted together.



The quilting design coordinates with the theme and fabrics.



Finished detail.



The quilt is finished!


Award Winning Red Sox T-shirt Quilt




This award winning Red Sox t-shirt quilt was featured in "Quilter's Newsletter Magazine" special publication, "Quilt It For Keepsakes" in December 2007. All of my t-shirt quilts are award winning quality in both the piecing and the quilting, a combination that is rare to find. Yes, you can find cheaper t-shirt quilts on the internet, but you will find very few that match the quality I offer! Many experienced quilters have commented that they have never seen t-shirt quilts that are as meticulously made as mine!

All t-shirt quilts are made with the finest quality materials and workmanship. It takes approximately 20 hours of planning, precise cutting, sewing, pressing, machine quilting, and meticulous hand finishing to complete a 60"x76" quilt made from 12 t-shirts. Stabilizer, top quality quilt batting, quilting thread, and top quality cotton border and backing fabric are included, you provide the t-shirts!

Please note: As of April 2013 I am no longer accepting orders for custom t-shirt quilts. However, I will have a limited number of Red Sox t-shirt quilts for sale on request. If you would like more information please visit Quilts for Sale