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Some quilting designs are very simple, others are very complex. There are thousands of designs to choose from!  Because my machine is computer guided, there is little difference technically between quilting a simple meander and quilting a dense, complex pattern. They all stitch perfectly! The setup and execution are exactly the same, the difference is in the time it takes for the machine to quilt the desired design. And if you think I just push a button and walk away, not true! If you would like to see more designs, please visit the "Quilting Designs" page. Or call to arrange a consultation, I have books with all of the designs printed out.




"Field of Dreams" was made in October 2006 in memory of two Boston Red Sox pitchers, "Smoky Joe" Wood (1889-1985, 1912 World Series), and Joe Wood Jr. (1916-2002).




This Red Sox t-shirt quilt won two ribbons at the Machine Quilters Expo (MQX) in New Hampshire, in April 2007; First Place - Quilts of the Future (quilted on a computer guided longarm machine), and Rookie of the Year. This annual quilt show and conference draws quilt entries from very talented quilters from all over the world.



"Field of Dreams" and "The Other Team" (a smaller Yankees t-shirt quilt) were featured in Quilters Newsletter Magazine's special publication "Quilt it for Keepsakes" in December 2007.


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If you would like to own "Field of Dreams II", please visit the "Quilts for Sale" page.

My quilt, "Up, Up, and Away" was published in Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts, by Ranae Merrill. You can read all about it on my blog.

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